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Kondaur has been a long time client of mine and out of many servicers I've worked with, they have usually been the most professional. They handle all of the expenses for trashouts, cleanups, yard care, utilities, and sometimes they rehab.

The procedures and addenda are pretty standard. There was a time, though, when THEIR client insisted on rehabbing some properties that were not worth rehabbing and they have taken a long time to rehab much less to sell to the point that I lost two listings. The improvements did not justify the asking prices. Or they didn't do important improvements for floor plan functionality or exterior appeal.

They also wanted a rental analysis but never put them up for lease.

One asset manager did not give me a listing because she said I never did the rental analysis which was not true. As a Realtor who represents Kondaur, I've been pretty satisfied.

Reason of review: good client.

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